HiWATER: Dataset of surface temperature of water body in Er’ba Reservoir

Er’ba Reservoir surface temperature of water body can offer in situ calibration data for TASI, WiDAS and L band sensor used in aerospace experiment. Observation Site: This site is 14 KM away from East of ZhangYe city. It’s located in Er’ba village, JianTan town, ZhangYe city. The coordinates of this site: 38°54′57.14" N, 100°36′57.39" E. Observation Instrument: The observation system consists of two SI-111 infrared radiometers (Campbell, USA) and two 109SS temperature probes (Campbell, USA). Two SI-111 sensors, one installed vertically downward to water surface, another face to south of zenith angle 35°. Temperature probes float under water surface at 0 cm. SI-111 sensor installed at 3.0 m height, 3.4 m away from water edge. Observation Time: This site operates from 27 May, 2012 to 27 September, 2012. Observation data laagered by every 5 seconds uninterrupted. Output data contained sample data of every 5 seconds and mean data of 1 minute. Accessory data: Water surface infrared temperature (by SI-111), sky infrared temperature (by SI-111), water surface temperature (by 109ss) can be obtained. Dataset is stored in *.dat file, which can be read by Microsoft excel or other text processing software (UltraEdit, et. al). Table heads meaning: TarT_Atm, Sky infrared temperature (℃) @ facing south of zenith angle 35°; SBT_Atm, body temperature of SI-111 sensor (℃) measured sky; TarT_Sur, water surface infrared temperature @ 3.0 m height; SBT_Sur, body temperature of SI-111 sensor (℃) measured water surface; WaterT_1, WaterT_2, water surface temperature (℃) measured by 109SS temperature probes. Dataset is stored day by day, named as: data format + site name + interval time + date + time. The detailed information about data item showed in data header introduction in dataset.

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